Young Visionaries

Building a Utopian Community and Planning a Sustainable, Forward Looking City

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Kidizens’ Young Visionaries class is a leadership program intended for children ages 9 to 12 (and above), as well as for our graduating “kidizens”. In this program, the Visionaries will study cities through the lens of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, while creating a utopian society of their own. They will have an opportunity to apply their fundamental city governance understanding and civic leadership derived from earlier Kidizens programs to understanding sustainable development and cultivating empathy towards global issues.

The Visionaries will undertake a real-life journey that will develop a basic understanding of the complex challenges societies face as they become increasingly urbanized. They will get exposed to and work on local and global environmental issues, issues, economic pressure and inequality, and the UNICEF Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 – hunger, poverty, education, equality, clean water, climate change, and innovation in infrastructure.

Find out more about our Spring Visionaries program here! Check out the video below to learn more about the Visionaries program!

Kidizens Visionaries Program Fall

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A fourteen-week interactive learning session that runs from September to December. The Visionaries will meet once a week to create a sustainable utopian city using LEGOs while doing research on the best ways to manage it as it grows. What if their utopian city grew from 10 to 100 or even 1,000 residents? They will explore examples of cities around the world and plan their own sustainable city, taking into account the needs of increasing population and understanding the challenges resulting from an increasingly urbanized world.

We have successfully completed our Visionaries Fall 2021 session and the Spring session is now in full swing! Head on over to the Spring Visionaries page for more information!

We accept Ocean Grove! Please email [email protected] for any further information or to schedule a custom session for a group of homeschooling or after school kids.

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