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Kids Night Out

A fun evening out for kids and parents!

A highly exciting, immersive LEGO fun-filled evening for children of all ages.

Offered on Friday evenings at our Los Altos location from 5:45pm to 8:45pm!

Experience a “night at the Kidizens LEGO museum” at Kids Night Out, an evening of immersive LEGO play. Parents can enjoy an evening to themselves while the kids have fun exploring and role-playing in the LEGO universes they love, such as Ninjago, Chima, Superheroes, Star Wars, Minecraft, and Pokemon!

Sign up with a sibling or a friend for the ultimate LEGO adventure!

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Please let us know at least 1 week in advance if you would like to attend an upcoming Kids Night Out session. If we do not have at least five participants signed up by the Wednesday (within 48 hours) before the event we will unfortunately have to cancel the session. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Upcoming Themes and Dates:

Join us for Kids Night Out! Pizza, snacks, and tons of LEGO fun provided! You won’t want to miss out! Additional Kids Night Out dates coming soon!

April 19th: LEGO Jurassic Park! Dinosaurs Galore!

Let’s go back in time! Join us for a prehistoric LEGO adventure!

April 26th: LEGO Space Adventure! 3, 2, 1… Blast Off!

To infinity and beyond! Join us for an epic LEGO space mission!

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Check out our upcoming sessions and sign up today for an evening of exciting, fun LEGO activities to keep your child engaged, while you enjoy an evening out!


The perfect way to spend a Friday night for LEGO lovers ages 5 to 12! Join us at our location in Los Altos from 5:45pm to 8:45pm!

Tons of LEGO Fun!

We offer many kinds of Kids Night Out events with varied themes! Become a ninja, a rebel trooper, a superhero, a spooky monster, and more! Role play in all of your favorite LEGO universes!

Social Interaction with Peers!

While parents enjoy a night out, Kids Night Out participants will embark on a magical LEGO adventure in one of the many fascinating worlds with awesome building challenges, games, and more! Work together to solve the mystery, save the day, or build the ultimate city!

Pizza and Cookies Served!

LEGO building and adventuring is tough work! To help you refuel, we will be serving pizza and cookies at every Kids Night Out event. You won’t want to miss out!

Do you have questions about how Kids Night Out works? Or do you have a group that is looking for a date that is not our calendar? Email [email protected] for inquiries and more information!

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Dates Offered

Los Altos


Addison Elementary School 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA

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1 Week Camps:

Camp Hours: 9am to 3pm, with option for After Care from 3pm to 5pm ($35/day per child)