Lego Summer Camp

Kidizens LEGO Summer Camps for the Bay Area

Would your child like to build and be the Mayor of an entire city of LEGOs?

Would you like to leverage your child’s love of LEGOs to help them learn critical real-life, 21st century skills and strategies?

Join us for Kidizens Summer Camps in BelmontMenlo ParkPalo AltoLos AltosCampbell, San Jose and Los Gatos!

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Kidizens inspires students to become good citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. The Kidizens Summer Program includes intensive action and excitement-packed sessions, where children create their own small civilization built with LEGOs and serve as Co-Mayors for a week. The Co-Mayors manage the economy, the residents and their needs, city departments and services and deal with unexpected problems and situations in an age-appropriate manner. In a fast-paced dynamic environment, the kids develop leadership and interpersonal skills while dealing with natural disasters, resident problems and financial crises.

This is a rare opportunity for kids to role play as responsible leaders in addition to wearing many other hats – think out of the box and on their feet, problem solve and come to decisions in a fast, action-packed, exciting environment. They also learn how to develop a public policy platform and campaign as well as address residents through speeches against a real opponent.