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Build-A-City LEGO Fall & Winter Camps


A highly creative, collaborative and engaging, project-based, learning environment with countless LEGOs, where children build, inhabit, manage and govern their own small scale cities. Kidizens LEGO camps, classes and workshops provide Bay Area children a unique opportunity to learn valuable real-life lessons about civics and economics — community building, policy-making, governance and budgeting — as well as how to successfully operate in a team environment and acquire civic leadership skills. Whether you are considering a camp, after-school class, workshop or even a birthday party venue, Kidizens can help provide a unique, fun and socially rich, LEGO-based learning experience.

Fun, Engaging, Social Learning Environment

Kidizens Build, Learn, Lead, One Brick at a Time©

Would you like to leverage your love of LEGOs to learn real-life skills and strategies?TM

At Kidizens, we build responsible future leaders: one brick, one project, one city at a time. Our mission is to inspire children to develop the 21st century real-life skills they need in order to become good citizens, civically engaged, and the responsible future leaders of tomorrow. We believe that our city-building framework cultivates a deep understanding of how societies form, function, and evolve, while honing self-confidence, social emotional and leadership skills.

Our Parents Love Us!

Parents love Kidizens because we have made it fun to learn. Children love Kidizens because they build and collaborate with their friends to solve problems and immerse while ole-playing in a LEGO universe.


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I Voted!

t’s a punishable crime to not vote in many countries – a total of 22 countries have compulsory voting, with Belgium being the oldest and Brazil the largest to enforce voting.

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Life Is A Lab!

My eyes are fixed on the 6-yr old ‘young kidizen’ who is now trying to put the LEGO pieces together from a broken tower so that she may resurrect it.

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Kidizens are the architects of their own learning experience!

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Addison Elementary School 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA

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1 Week Camps:

Camp Hours: 9am to 3pm, with option for After Care from 3pm to 5pm ($35/day per child)