Lego Summer Camps


Our highly sought after summer camps with new themes, revised content, and additional locations throughout the Bay Area will soon be open for registration on November 21st!

Stay tuned or email us at [email protected] if you have questions!

Would your child like to build and be the Mayor of your own dream LEGO city? Build, Govern, Lead! 

Would you like to leverage your child’s love of LEGOs to help them learn critical real-life, 21st century skills and strategies?

Kidizens 2022 In-Person Summer Camps registration kicks off on November 21, 2021! We are offering our camps at a number of SF Bay area locations including Belmont, Los Altos, Los GatosSan Jose, Mountain View, Campbell, Palo Alto and for those not able to join us in-person this year, we bring an exciting, highly interactive experience Online!

Choose your location below:

NEW: Weeklong age-appropriate Virtual Summer Camps

Young Mayors Online summer camp provides a creative social and learning environment. These moderator-led, highly interactive Zoom sessions will facilitate building, collaborating, online group discussions and fun group activities. Kids will learn about many real-life, city-related topics in the context of a utopian city-building framework, as well as have run role-playing and living in a virtual world. A typical camp meets five times per week.

Join for our virtual (online) camps here:


Highly Immersive, Young Mayors’ In-Person LEGO City Camps

At Kidizens, children’s passion and creativity are nurtured and stoked to help them become thoughtful and responsible citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. During our excitement-packed Bay Area LEGO Summer Camps, kids plan and create their own small LEGO civilization, thereby developing real-life skills and strategies.

In a highly collaborative environment that nurtures social and emotional learning, immersive role play, and development of 21st century skills, the campers will:

  • Serve as a Co-Mayor for a week
  • Create a robust city infrastructure to handle residents’ basic and growing needs
  • Manage residents, policies, economy, budget
  • Deal with problems and the unexpected (natural disasters, crime, resources, budget crises) in an age-appropriate manner
  • Establish laws and justice systems – fun court cases bring many concepts to life
  • Develop public policy platform and campaign against an opponent

In our fast-paced, highly creative and dynamic environment, students are positively guided. While ‘LEGOing’ away to their heart’s content, they:

  • Role play as a responsible mayor as well as wear other hats
  • Cultivate confidence, leadership and public speaking skills
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Think out of the box, creatively and constantly on their feet
  • Problem-solve and make decisions in a fast changing environment
  • Work in teams, collaborate and develop interpersonal and social skills
Covid Compliance for In-Person Camps

We will always follow all advised precautions and due diligence to maintain a healthy and safe camp environment. All of our counselors will be fully vaccinated and masked. Campers will be required to wear masks at all times during camp, with the exception of snack and lunch breaks which will be held outdoors. Parents will only be permitted to enter the facility if they are fully vaccinated and masked. No more than 5 parents will be allowed into the facility at any given time. Thank you for your understanding!

1-week in-person camps suitable for grades 1-6

Grades K-3 and 3-6 are grouped separately and partnered age-appropriately, with different groups building their respective cities. The older kids are presented with age-appropriate, complex challenges and problem solving opportunities.

2-week in-person camps for grades 1-3 and 3-6! (Brand new this summer!)

A highly immersive and in-depth experience which allows kids to solve many complex challenges and dig deeper for longer-term and sustainable city solutions. The older kids develop an entire mayoral campaign towards the election for a 2nd term against a real opponent, who challenges the policies and long-term viability of their city. The younger kids go on a special mission and evolve their city!

A new focus on role-play

Children will have an opportunity to choose from multiple city roles, undergo job training, wear the ‘required job hat’ (and appropriate associated accessories) and role play during a portion of the week to perform key tasks for their selected job.

Our Parents Love Us! Parent Testimonials

Bay Area LEGO and Leadership Summer Camps

We have been running our Bay Area summer camps successfully over the past 8 years in the SF Bay area. Our increasingly popular summer camps receive tremendous parent endorsements every year with glowing reviews. Many kids return for a 2nd and a 3rd year to our summer camps in Bay Area. For kids who have experienced the thrill of a serving as mayors in past summers, we are constantly adding many new themes and elements to make the camps even more exciting and super fun. Pl stay tuned for more exciting announcements for this summer’s updated program, but reserve your spot now, as our summer camps do get filled up!

A few things to note:       Cancellation Policy

*All in-person camps run Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm
*Aftercare provided until 5pm at additional cost
*Please bring easy-to-carry, nut-free lunch
*Please make sure to bring and wear a mask or other face covering

*Please note that we will be utilizing the outdoor space as much as possible for building time and meetings to strike a good balance between indoor and outdoor activities.


Our Parents Love Us!

This was the favorite summer camp for both my sons (9 and 6 years old) – and they’ve been to a
variety of summer camps!
They were excited to see what happened to their cities overnight and then plan and build
things to make their cities better.

Tanya S.

My son has been going to Kidizens since he started at last Summer’s camp. He is so engaged
and happy to be there. I love watching the interaction the kids have with each other and the
great guidance they get from the dedicated teachers.


This is an amazing after-school and summer-camp program for children. They also cater to
home-schoolers. It is the one camp that my children ask to take over and over again.

Paul B.

My son attended a week-long winter camp at Kidizens and absolutely loved it.  He couldn’t wait
to get up every day to go to Kidizens

Darla M

Every day my daughter would talk about adding new buildings and bringing home a score sheet
summarizing the state of her town (population, approval rating, money in the treasury,
complaints and accolades from the townspeople). I came in one morning to find some escaped
criminals holding up little speech bubbles. Looking around at all the little towns, there were
some seriously impressive structures.

Wing Y

One of my kids has done the Kidizens summer camp for two summers, and the other started
this summer. I strongly recommend it, especially if your child is interested in Legos.

Amanda H

My son loved this camp!  He prefers slightly smaller camps.  This one is very organized and well
run.  Mrs. Fiona is so sweet and I love that kids get to build and make friends in this fun and
interactive camp.  They also get some outdoor time at Twin Pines Park!  Highly recommend.

Ami J

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Hiring Camp Counselors, Camp Assistants and looking for High School Volunteers

Our summer camps offer a fun educational summer experience for our counselors as well as volunteering and internship opportunities for college students and high-schoolers. Please check out our job postings for details on all open positions.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions pertaining to any of the summer camps.