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LEGO Summer Camps


Would your child like to build and be the Mayor of their own dream LEGO city?

Would you like to leverage your child’s love of LEGOs to help them learn real-life, 21st century skills and strategies?

Young Mayors Lego Leadership Camps
SF Bay Area

At Kidizens, children’s passion and creativity are nurtured and stoked to help them become thoughtful and responsible citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. During our excitement-packed Bay Area LEGO Summer Camps, kids plan and create their own small LEGO civilization, thereby developing real-life skills and strategies.

In a highly collaborative environment that nurtures social and emotional learning, immersive role play, and development of 21st century skills, the campers work together as Young Mayors to build the city of their dreams.

Kidizens 2022 Summer Camp Locations

We are excited to kick off Kidizens 2022 Summer Camps on June 6th, 2022 at many of our regular locations in the SF Bay Area as well as at many new locations throughout California!

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In addition, we will be announcing more South Bay, East Bay, and SF/North Bay Summer 2022 Camp locations shortly. Please fill out this interest form or email [email protected] if you have any questions!

Young Mayors LEGO Leadership Camps

1-week and 2-week Camps

Kidizens summer camps offer age-appropriate programming and challenges to deliver a fun experience across the board. Children ages 6-8 and 9-12 are grouped separately and partnered with other children with similar maturity to build their respective cities.

In our fast-paced, highly creative and dynamic environment, students are positively guided. While ‘LEGOing’ away to their heart’s content, they:

  • Role play as a responsible mayor as well as wear other hats
  • Cultivate confidence, leadership and public speaking skills
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Think out of the box, creatively and constantly on their feet
  • Problem-solve and make decisions in a fast changing environment
  • Work in teams, collaborate and develop interpersonal and social skills

1-Week Summer Camps (Ages 9 to 12)

2-Week Summer Camps (Ages 9 to 12)

Parent Testimonials

We have been running our summer camps successfully over the past 10 years in the SF Bay Area. Our extremely popular summer camps receive tremendous parent endorsements every year with glowing reviews. In addition, we have a more than 60% repeat rate year over year. Many children return to Kidizens for a second or even third session!

Covid Compliance for In-Person Camps

Kidizens In-Person Camps and Classes continue to be in compliance with all of the latest, advised health precautions from the county health departments and CDC guidelines. 

A few things to note:

Kidizens ONLINE Summer Camps 2022

Weeklong age-appropriate Virtual Summer Camps: for those not able to join us in-person, we bring an exciting, highly interactive experience online, utilizing Kidizens’ newly launched portal!

Young Mayors Online summer camp provides a creative social and learning environment, where children are presented with an engaging online portal to guide them through the entire city building experience. In addition, these highly interactive, moderator-led Zoom sessions help with facilitate building, collaborating, online group discussions, and fun group activities.

Kidizens 2022 Summer Camps

General FAQ

Yes, your child can join their sibling or friend in a different age group. Participants who know each other from before camp can partner up and work on their city together regardless of age.
Campers are grouped in pairs of 2-3 based on their age. If you are joining camp with a friend or sibling you can request to be put into the same group if you would like.
Yes, we do offer after care from 3 to 5pm during most of our camp sessions. If you did not initially sign up for extended care you can always add it at a later point during the session. Likewise, if you no longer need extended care we can offer a refund.
All camp and class participants must be at least 6 years old to participate in our programs. We do make some exceptions for children aged 5 years and 9 months who are attending with a sibling.
All parents or guardians are required to fill out the electronic Kidizens Sign-In Form at drop off. Only authorized adults listed during registration may pick up a child from one of our programs.
Please make sure to bring an easy to carry lunch, a separate snack, a water bottle, sunscreen/warm clothing depending on time of year, and a face covering to be worn at all times while indoors. Please note that Kidizens is a completely NUT-FREE camp.
During the second week of a 2-week camp, the Young Mayors continue to build the city they started in the previous week. Both older (ages 9 to 12) and younger (ages 6 to 8) campers will take on new age-appropriate challenges that dive into a deeper level of civic understanding than could be covered in a single week.

Registration FAQ

Yes, if you cannot attend the entire session we are able to prorate the camp for you. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Our Federal Tax ID is 27-3370800. Our address is 4546 El Camino Real, Suite B9, Los Altos, CA 94022

Yes, if you need to change your registration date or location please reach out to [email protected] and we will be able to assist you.

If you need to cancel your registration you may be entitled to a full or partial refund. Please read through our Cancellation Policy for more information.

Covid FAQ

Until further notice, masks and face coverings will be required for both camp staff and visiting parents. At this time, masks are optional for campers. We will provide plenty of hand sanitizer so kids can sanitize their hands throughout the day as needed. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy in-person environment for all participants and staff. Weather permitting, all snack and/or lunch breaks will take place outdoors.

Yes, all of our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted.

We will not be providing any snacks or other foods at Kidizens this year so please make sure that your child brings their own snack and an easy to carry lunch for camp activities.

Yes. If parents are masked and fully vaccinated they will be permitted to enter the facility.

Individuals who are immunosuppressed (as defined by their medical professional) or live in a home with an immunosuppressed person should consult with their doctor(s) before deciding whether or not to participate in an in-person program. Though we are taking extensive actions to keep our camp safe, Kidizens is not able to guarantee that a person on our site will not be exposed to COVID-19; thus, participation in an in-person program is not recommended for individuals with known vulnerabilities that put them at greater risk.

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Kidizens are the architects of their own learning experience!

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1-Week Summer Camps (Ages 6 to 8)

Kidizens 1-week summer camps take children on an exciting journey as Young Mayors to build their dream LEGO city. The camps offer fun civic challenges and age-appropriate programming to deliver an exciting experience they won’t soon forget! 

Children ages 6 to 8 are partnered with children of similar maturity in smaller groups to build their respective cities. This play-based environment is perfect for the young LEGO builders and leaders! They are presented with many creative scenarios and given more direct instructions for building their city structures and guided on an experiential journey of simplified and engaging civic and economic concepts. They leave the camp feeling extremely proud of their city and other achievements, with an immense sense of accomplishment.

2-Week Summer Camps (Ages 6 to 8)

The Young Mayors continue to take on new and fun challenges during another exciting week of camp, as they work together to expand their cities work together with a partner city! The Mayors collaborate on building new projects, establishing trade, and engage in friendly competition with their fellow Mayors! The focus of the second week is on learning about money, businesses and other economic concepts as well as developing effective communication skills, practicing empathy, and building self-confidence!

Young Mayors Summer Camps
(Ages 9 to 12)

The Young Mayors (ages 9-12) spend their camp week(s) constructing their dream LEGO city with 1-2 fellow Co-Mayors.

  • Serve as a Co-Mayor for a week
  • Create a robust city infrastructure to handle residents’ basic and growing needs
  • Manage residents, policies, economy, and city budget

  • Address problems and unexpected crises in an age-appropriate manner

  • Establish laws and justice systems
  • Exploration and expedition

(Ages 9 To 12) 2-Week Camp

The Young Mayors (ages 9-12) spend their camp week(s) constructing their dream LEGO In the second week, the mayors take on a highly immersive journey which allows them to solve more complex challenges and dig deeper for longer-term, sustainable city solutions. The children develop an entire mayoral campaign, strategizing, debating, and running against a LEGO opponent in a nail-biting, super fun election week.

  • Serve as a Co-Mayor for 2 week
  • Constant campaigning and debates against opponents; elections
  • Constant campaigning and debates against opponents; elections
  • Establish trade relationships and collaboration with neighboring cities
  • Innovations in science and technology with a focus on environmental issues
  • Hosting statewide fairs and cultural events for citizens and other Mayors