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LEGO Summer Camps


Would your child like to build and be the Mayor of their own dream LEGO city?

Would you like to leverage your child’s love of LEGOs to help them learn real-life skills and leadership strategies?

Young Mayors Lego Leadership Camps
SF Bay Area

At Kidizens, children’s passion and creativity are nurtured to help them become thoughtful and responsible citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick, one LEGO city at a time. During our excitement-packed Bay Area LEGO Summer Camps, kids plan and create their own small LEGO civilization, thereby developing real-life skills and leadership strategies.

In a highly collaborative environment that nurtures social and emotional learning (SEL), immersive role play, and development of 21st century skills, the campers work together as Young Mayors to plan, build and govern the city of their dreams.

Check out our ALL-NEW 2-Week program information below!

Kidizens 2024 Summer info coming soon!

Kidizens 2024 Summer Camps kick off on June 3rd, 2024 at many of our regular locations in the SF Bay Area as well as at many new locations throughout California!

Registration for Kidizens 2024 Summer Camps Opening this week! Stay tuned!

In addition, we will be announcing more South Bay, East Bay, and SF/North Bay Summer 2023 Camp locations shortly. Please fill out this interest form or email [email protected] if you have any questions!

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions!


For the leader, the inventor, the problem solver, and the creative LEGO builder in you, we offer our brand new 2-week city building and leadership summer camp! Kidizens is so excited to offer this totally revamped camp experience! Spend your camp weeks building the LEGO city of your dreams while tackling real-world issues in a hands-on experiential way! It’s so much more than just LEGO building!

  • Targeted at children ages 6 to 8 and 8 to 11!
  • Campers are separated by age groups and partnered with children with similar maturity to build their respective cities!
  • Age-appropriate programming and challenges to deliver fun and engaging experiences across the board!

We’ve got some exciting LEGO themes for Summer Camps 2024 so come check out what’s new at Kidizens this year! Read below for more information! Sign up for just 1 week or register for both weeks to get the full Kidizens Summer Camp experience!

Parent Testimonials

We have been running our summer camps successfully over the past 10 years in the SF Bay Area. Our extremely popular summer camps receive tremendous parent endorsements every year with glowing reviews. In addition, we have a more than 60% repeat rate year over year. Many children return to Kidizens for a second or even third session!

Summer Camp Additional Information

Can’t get enough of Kidizens?

Join us as a kidizens Counselor-in-Training!
Perfect for 14 to 16 year olds!

bay area camp for preschoolers

If you are a LEGO enthusiast looking to gain real-life, workplace, and leadership skills we offer our Counselor-In-Training Summer Program!

Opportunities for Mentorship!

Learn professional skills from experienced mentors including former counselors and teachers.

Gain Valuable Work Experience!

Gain exposure to workplace responsibilities while having fun immersing yourself in a world of LEGO.

Great for College Resumes!

A highly rewarding summer experience working with children that is perfect for college applications.

We have 12 weeks of summer camps available at locations across the Bay Area from June 3rd through August 23rd. CITs can choose the number of weeks and the location(s) they would like to work based on their availability and preferences.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested or have any questions about the program!

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Kidizens are the architects of their own learning experience!

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Week 1 - Save the Earth
Let's build a Cleaner, Greener tomorrow!

The Young Mayors take on the exciting challenge of building an entire LEGO city over the course of a week! Not only will they need to work together to establish the basic needs for their citizens such as food, shelter, communication, education, and more… but they will also be rewarded for making their city as clean and green as possible! The theme for Week 1 of camp is Save the Earth! The Mayors will:

  • Collaborate on building green projects for the city!
  • Establish clean sources of power and energy!
  • Develop green methods of transportation!
  • Resolve civic protests and educate their citizens on green practices!
And lots more! Sign up with a friend or sibling for twice the LEGO fun!

Week 2 - Business Savvy
Young Entrepreneurs Go Green!

The campers role play as business owners in the second week of camp! The focus of Week 2 is on learning about money, businesses, and other economic concepts as well as developing effective communication skills, practicing empathy, and building self-confidence! The goal is to build, run, and manage an entire business within a fully-functioning LEGO town!

  • Establish trade and partnerships with your fellow LEGO business owners!
  • Develop and create LEGO stop motion advertisements!
  • Learn about banking and good money management!
  • Get reviews from your customers and make upgrades to your storefront!

And lots more! Sign up for both weeks of camp to get the full Kidizens experience!


  • Serve and role play as a responsible mayor for 2 weeks
  • Build projects to create a robust city infrastructure
  • Handle residents’ basic and growing needs and wants
  • Manage city policies, economy, and budget
  • Establish laws and justice systems
  • Undertake exploration/expedition with a focus on trade
  • Collaborate with neighboring cities
  • Plan and launch new businesses
  • Innovate in science and technology with a focus on environmental issues
  • Host statewide fairs and cultural events for citizens and other Mayors
  • Campaign against opponents and run for elections


  • Cultivate leadership and public speaking skills – speeches and debates
  • Experiential learning of real-life concepts
  • Think out of the box, creatively and constantly on their feet
  • Dealing with the unexpected, building self-confidence and resilience
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • take decisions in a fast changing
  • Work in teams, collaborate and develop interpersonal and social skills
  • Social emotional learning and practicing empathy
  • Creative thinking and confidence
  • Fine motor skills and spatial awareness


  • Unique social studies and civics curriculum
  • History and geography lessons, quizzes, and games intertwined with building sessions
  • Financial Literacy and exposure to basic economic issues
  • Understanding of simple engineering concepts, robotics, learning stop motion

Addison Elementary School 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto k Camps

1 Week Camps:

Camp Hours: 9am to 3pm, with option for After Care from 3pm to 5pm ($35/day per child)