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KEEN: Kidizens Exceptional Educators Network

We are looking for Educators who want to embrace new models of learning.
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If you are an aspiring educator looking to gain additional teaching experience or an experienced educator wanting to experiment with new models of teaching while earning supplemental summer income, then we invite you to join KEEN (Kidizens Exceptional Educators Network) today. You will become part of a vibrant community of amazing teachers, creative thinkers and exceptional educators leading the charge for Kidizens’ well-endorsed and much sought after summer camps, from the convenience of their local schools.
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Prior Teaching Experience (if any)

If you may be interested in joining potentially in the future and it’s not a fit right now, please join our mailing list here. We will keep you updated on our latest developments and upcoming opportunities in the future.


We are cultivating a community of highly creative, passionate and like-minded professionals who believe in a play-based, experiential learning model. Our vision is to have our educators truly engaged stakeholders in KEEN over time.

We are always looking for creative educators who want to embrace a new way of teaching and learning and who want to make a lasting impact even in the short span of the few weeks they interact with children in summer (or during other school holidays).

Aspiring and seasoned educators join KEEN as LEADERs. Based on their prior experience, or with a year of experience as part of KEEN, they become KEEN STARs and after 2 years of experience with KEEN, they become KEEN INFLUENCERs – the beneficiaries and stakeholders who are fully engaged in contributing to the KEEN program offerings and are rewarded professionally as well as financially. 

You can be qualified to join KEEN at a STAR or INFLUENCER level right from the start, based on your prior experience.

KEEN educators are independent contractors. As such, they have the flexibility to schedule and run camps as per their schedules and availability. Once they commit to offering a particular camp, they are required to fulfill their obligations and deliver the committed camps.

Being independent contractors, KEEN educators are responsible for paying their own taxes. Kidizens will provide a 1099 form to each educator at the end of each year for tax purposes.

The application process entails multiple rounds of interviewing and selection based on fit and  experience. If interested in applying – please fill out the contact form or contact us at [email protected]

KEEN educators are paid for every camp session they conduct subject to camp enrollment and enjoy incremental per child compensation of upto $50/child/camp over a minimum threshold. They can lead as many camp sessions as they like based on their availability during summer (as well as other school holidays). 

In addition, KEEN educators are entitled to performance-based bonus payments at the end of summer.

Over time, KEEN educators become beneficiaries/ stakeholders enjoying up to as high as  25% of the net profits derived from every camp. 


Level 1: LEADERLevel 2: STARLevel 3: INFLUENCER


  • Competitive Base Compensation for a camp of 12+ children;
  • Upto $50/additional child 


  • Referral fees


  • Higher Base Compensation (than a LEADER)  for a camp of 12+ children;
  • Upto $50/additional child 


  • Referral fees


  • Higher Base Compensation (than a STAR)  for a camp of 12+ children;
  • Upto $50/additional child 


  • Referral fees
  • Performance-based Bonus

KEEN educators can also earn referral fees for recommending other educators when they sign up as an Educator with KEEN. In addition, KEEN educators are offered extensive training and have access to coaching as needed throughout their tenure with Kidizens. 

They also have access to Kidizens’ in-depth curriculum and exposure to the latest project-based, design thinking and SEL approaches to learning throughout the year. We are in the middle of obtaining independent certification for our innovative civic and economic curriculum for K-8.

KEEN educators are ranked by the parent community after each camp. An automatic email is sent out by Kidizens team after every camp, asking parents to review every educator based on a few objective criteria (shared upfront with all educators). An educator must maintain a 4-star ranking to be considered for the STAR Educator and INFLUENCER Educator levels.

KEEN Educators Access the portal here

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Addison Elementary School 650 Addison Ave, Palo Alto, CA

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1 Week Camps:

Camp Hours: 9am to 3pm, with option for After Care from 3pm to 5pm ($35/day per child)