Kidizens is an innovative educational environment where students build and inhabit their own LEGO city. We encourage collaborative and guided discovery of real-world concepts while role-playing and having fun in a universe built of LEGOs.

Our goal is to inspire kids to become great citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. We believe that our teaching and learning philosophies nurture critical thinking skills, preparing kids for the 21st century.

Age-Appropriate Program Options

We offer multiple age-appropriate Kidizens program options for students:

Young Kidizens Classes – Ages 6-8
Kidizens Classes – Ages 8-11
Visionaries Classes – Ages 9-12

Kidizens Online Classes – Ages 6-12

Young Mayors In-Person Camps – Ages 6-8, 9-12
Young Mayors Online Camps – Ages 6-12

We also offer special workshops, birthday parties, and drop-in sessions to supplement our standard program offerings.

Space is limited and our programs fill up quickly. View our schedule to see upcoming registration times and our pricing options to learn more.

Building the Skills Today to Lead Our World Tomorrow

Research has shown that students learn more when they are provided with fun and interactive experiences that engage their senses and stimulate creative thinking. By registering your child for Kidizens, they’ll not only get play with LEGOs, they’ll learn important life skills including:

Spatial and conceptual development

Problem-solving and analytical skills

Open-mindedness and empathy

Critical thinking

Negotiation and conflict resolution

Collaboration and teamwork

Creativity and expression

Effective communication

Community building


Find out why so many parents and students love Kidizens. Watch our testimonials or contact us for more information!