Online Fall Classes

Kidizens is now offering online classes during the school year! Check out our list of all Fall online classes and register below. To inquire further, please email [email protected]
Fall Kidizens Online Classes

For parents new to Kidizens, our online programs will continue to embody the Kidizens philosophy. The moderator-led, highly interactive Zoom sessions will provide a richly creative and social learning environment to help children learn important 21st-century skills and real-life leadership strategies. Children will be immersed in a project-based, collaborative process of building, managing, and governing their own cities from the ground up. They will be the policy leaders, city council members, and dignitaries of their communities. Children will learn about many real-life, city-related topics in the context of a utopian city-building framework, as well as have run role-playing and living in a virtual world.

Although Kidizens has deployed LEGOs as the modeling environment for building, children can be creative and flesh out their ideas using cardboard, aluminum foil, other recyclables, magnet tiles, Minecraft, or even blueprint sketches in addition to using LEGOs. The emphasis is on the thought process, creative building, and critical thinking.

General Class Information
  • Homeschooling classes are 14-week sessions with classes held twice a week for an in-depth Kidizens experience.

Homeschooling Classes

Young Kidizens Online
Ages 6 – 8, Homeschool

The Young Kidizens will be electing to build a single city after analyzing multiple city landscapes. They will then progressively go through the Young Kidizens curriculum in a fun, game-like manner, utilizing the virtual, dynamically changing framework.

Tuesday + Friday         1:30 PM – 2:30 PM          Young Kidizens Online

Kidizens Online
Ages 8 – 11, Homeschool

In the online world, the Kidizens class would have groups of 2-3 children collaborating online to develop their respective ‘virtual’ cities. There will be opportunities to compare and contrast different landscapes, natural resources, and other topographical differences. The cities will also have opportunities to collaborate, trade and work with each other to come up with state-wide plans and proposals.

In the Kidizens way of learning, while the kids would be engaged in their city-building, they will be continually exposed to, and will become proficient in, the use of many online tools, such as Google Suite (docs, sheets, presentations, drawing, etc), without realizing that they are learning how to use them.

Tuesday + Friday         1:30 PM – 2:30 PM          Kidizens Online

Visionaries Online
Ages 8 – 12, Homeschool


We are not currently offering an online version of the Visionaries class at this time. Click here to check out our in-person Visionaries options!