Kidizens Online Camps Registration Form 2023

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Parent Waivers & Information
Digital Safety and Access: Your children may need and gain access to Internet as well as use Kidizens laptops and iPads for camp-related research, help with writing speeches, public campaigning ideas, and for end-of-class LEGO movie production. While we strive to create a positive culture that supports safe and responsible technology and Internet access as well as monitor all device usage, we want to ensure that you also have spoken to your children about Internet safety, appropriate device usage and good digital citizenship. My child has permission to use the Kidizens iPads and computers on the premises and is allowed to log on to the Internet for class-related research purposes. *
Disciplinary Policy: Kidizens holds a high standard of conduct and learning in all its programs. If a child’s behavior is disruptive and impedes the fun and learning for other students, then Kidizens reserves the right to take a disciplinary action in accordance with the Kidizens philosophy. The Kidizens Teachers will consult with the parent and child to come to an agreement on what actions need to be taken to minimize any disruption. This action may include dismissal of a child from the program without any refunds. *
Confidentiality Agreement: Kidizens will be sharing some of its proprietary curriculum and copyrighted materials. You agree not to share or distribute any of these resources. *
I allow my child to be a part of a photo/video shoot that may be done during this session: *
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