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Dungeons & Dragons… & Kidizens!

lego dnd

A wizard, a rogue, and a paladin enter a dark cave… The air is damp and the smell of stone moss fills the room. Low growls and soft whispers can be heard echoing off the cave walls. Ouch! The tall paladin bumps his head in the dark. They search around for a source of light and find a discarded torch. 

Suddenly they are attacked by a band of goblins! The scholarly wizard knows that goblins hate dogs and summons an illusion to trick the creatures. The clever rogue darts around the goblins and creeps up behind them for a sneak attack! The brave paladin draws the attention of the creatures and goes in for a lunging strike!

This classic Dungeons & Dragons scenario captures the essence of learning through role-play, a key paradigm of Kidizens’ experiential learning philosophy. While LEGOs bring different worlds (Castles & Knights, Space, Superheroes, Ninjas, etc.) to life, the fun and excitement multiplies manifold with a little imagination, vivid storytelling, and the role play that define the Kidizens’ experiential journey! At Kidizens, our students may not fight monsters or search for treasure in ancient ruins, but just like in Dungeons & Dragons, they dive headfirst into their shared universe of LEGO cities. There is a diverse set of roles with appropriate responsibilities such as a Mayor, City Planner, Science & Technology Commissioner, and more!

The act of role play and creative problem solving are inherent in both D&D and the Kidizens program. They are the essential tools by which players and students discover, interact with, and affect the world around them. The Young Mayors have to work together and use their unique abilities, knowledge, and skills just like an adventuring party. The immersive world allows students to learn through play! In the 21st century, this is an essential skill! Learning can and should be fun!