Kidizens Build, Learn and Lead…One brick at a time


The Kidizens program is a highly interactive and immersive project-based learning session in which students meet once a week to build, manage and govern their own LEGO city. Kidizens is our flagship program aimed at students between the ages of 8-11. The program provides a creative social and learning environment where students build and inhabit their own LEGO city. We encourage collaborative and guided discovery of real-world concepts while role-playing and having fun in a universe built of LEGOs.

Our mission is to inspire kids to become great citizens and future leaders, one LEGO brick at a time. Take our virtual tour to learn more about the world of Kidizens or read more about how it works.

Kidizens Summer – Intensive one- and two-week, highly action-packed, fun and learning summer sessions offered throughout the months of June, July, and August. Students build an entire LEGO metropolis over the course of a week, govern the city as mayors and run a week-long political campaign defending their leadership.

Kidizens Fall – A highly interactive learning session, where students meet once a week over the course of 15 weeks to build and manage their LEGO cities.

Kidizens Winter/Spring – A highly interactive learning session, where students meet once a week to build and manage their LEGO cities over the course of 18-19 weeks from January– May.

For students that have done Kidizens or fall outside the ages 8-11, we also offer our Young Kidizens, Young Senators and Kidizens Leadership Program.

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