Spring Kidizens Online Classes

Welcome to Kidizens Online! The highly interactive Zoom sessions will provide a richly creative and social learning environment to help children learn important 21st-century life skills and real-world leadership strategies. Children will be immersed in a project-based, collaborative process of building, managing, and governing their very own virtual city from the ground up. They will be the policy leaders, city council members, and dignitaries of their communities. Children will learn about many city-related topics utilizing Kidizens’ unique city-building framework, all while having as much fun as possible role-playing and living in a virtual world.

Although Kidizens typically use LEGOs bricks to construct their cities, children can be creative and flesh out their ideas using cardboard, aluminum foil, other recyclables, magnet tiles, Minecraft, or even blueprint sketches in addition to using LEGOs. The emphasis is on the thought process, creative building, and critical thinking.

Kidizens is now offering online classes during the school year! Check out our list of all Spring online classes and register below. To inquire further, please email [email protected]
General Class Information
  • Spring Homeschooling Classes are 18-week sessions with classes held twice a week for an in-depth city building experience
  • City of Palo Alto, Kidizens: Build-A-City Classes will be offered from March 25th – May 27th
  • All homeschool classes are currently being held online, but stay tuned for announcements about in-person classes soon!
Kidizens is excited to announce a partnership with the City of Palo Alto! We’ve got an all-new online LEGO city building classes starting very soon! Take a look:

City of Palo Alto Classes

Kidizens: Build-A-City
Ages: 6 – 12

Kidizens, or kid citizens, are the civically responsible leaders of tomorrow! During our Build-A-City program, participants will design, construct, and manage an entire town out of LEGO! They’ll work together to tackle budget crises, deal with unexpected weather emergencies, resolve citizen protests, and more! No LEGO? No problem! Kidizens are resourceful! Students can use whatever building materials they have at home including LEGO, magnet tiles, recyclables, or even Minecraft!

Sign up here!

Thu (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm)
(Mar 25th – May 27th; 9 Weeks; $135)

Our spring semester classes are in full swing! All of our homeschool classes are prorated so it’s never too late to join in on the civically responsible fun!

Homeschooling Classes

Young Kidizens Online
Ages: 6 – 8

The fun, highly collaborative, play-based interactive experience of building an entire city continues! The Young Kidizens continue their guided exploration of civics through city building and collaborating with other towns.

Mon and Wed (11:30 am – 12:30 pm)
(Jan 11th – May 26th; 18 Weeks; $499 Prorated)

Tue and Thu (9:30 am – 10:30 am)
(Jan 12th – May 20th; 18 Weeks; $499 Prorated)

Kidizens Online
Ages: 8 – 11

Our older Kidizens take a deeper dive into running businesses and explore local government in their second semester. The Kidizens will take a look at the world around them and ponder how they can make it better!
Mon and Wed (3 pm – 4 pm)
(Jan 11th – May 26th; 18 Weeks; $499 Prorated)

Visionaries Online
Ages 8 – 12

The sustainability-focused Visionaries tackle statewide problems and real-world issues as they continue to grow their city. In their second semester, the Visionaries attempt to solve big and small problems facing the world today.
Mon and Wed (1 pm – 2 pm)
(Jan 11th – May 26th; 18 Weeks; $499 Prorated)