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Kidizens Online Classes

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We are not currently offering online classes at this time. Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

Our highly interactive Zoom sessions provide a richly creative and social learning environment to help children learn important 21st-century skills and real-life leadership strategies. Children learn about many real-world, city-related topics in the context of a utopian city-building framework, as well as have run role-playing and living in a virtual world.

The online Kidizens work together to build an entire virtual city from the ground up, using the Kidizens portal and many online tools to visualize and manage the growing town. These classes offer many opportunities for developing problem solving, cooperative thinking, public speaking, and presentation skills.

Kidizens Online
Ages: 6 – 10, Homeschool

The fun, highly collaborative, play-based interactive experience of building an entire city continues! The Kidizens continue their guided exploration of civic topics. In the Spring the students will take a deeper dive into running businesses and explore local government in their second semester

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2023 Kidizens Online FAQ

Here’re a few things we would like to highlight in order to answer a few questions and simplify your decision.

Yes! We will be providing a highly personalized and fun experience for the younger kids and will guide them through their city building adventure, teaching them age-appropriate civic lessons along the way!
Not necessarily – You can use your own collection of LEGOs. The older children will be using their creativity to build their city out of anything that is accessible to them – a mix of cardboard, paper, foil, building blocks or LEGOs. They can also build detailed models through Minecraft.
Although, the kids can build with anything, we can provide a basic customized kit of LEGOs to add to their excitement of building.

Older Kids: 10am – 2:30pm. Multiple interactive sessions interspersed with 1-2 self-guided building sessions including a snack and a lunch break. There will be a final presentation on Friday for parents.

Younger Kids: 10am – 12:30pm. Multiple interactive sessions interspersed with guided mini-building sessions including a snack break. There will be a final presentation on Friday for parents.

Please email [email protected] for further information about our online programming. Thanks!

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Camp Hours: 9am to 3pm, with option for After Care from 3pm to 5pm ($35/day per child)