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Real world decision making in a LEGO universe!

How do kids perceive risk? Our children have no idea of what’s out there! However, they have something which we have lost along the way: an incredible imagination. If you look at the financial crises, all of them have been billed as totally unforeseeable, unpredictable events. At Kidizens, a lot of what we are doing in working with children is exploring novel narratives, thinking about implementing the absolute best outcomes, and helping them manage the worst.

In a LEGO game universe which tries to mimic the real world, our mayors are decision architects — problem solving, risk management, and crafting decision outcomes become a daily routine at the Best Online Summer camps 2020. If your child stumbles upon a difficult situation and you help them learn through the consequences of their own decisions, chances are that their learning will stay with them.

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Real world decision making in a LEGO universe! - no padding