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What we’ve learned this summer

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Despite the curveballs thrown to us by the pandemic, we have had a productive summer. Here’re a few things we learned this summer that we would like to share

1. Closures have brought our kids together! 

This past summer we were able to have kids from all over the country attending our online camps. We’ve also had the pleasure of having counselors and teachers from all over the country as well. This infusion of diversity has allowed us to really think about what it truly means to be a global, digital citizen and strengthen our offerings even further in order to meet the needs of this new audience.

2. We were so touched and left in awe!

We were able to successfully pull off many in-person camps this summer. It wouldn’t have been possible without the kids walking literally side-by-side with us in the most difficult of the circumstances. We were so touched by the amazing resilience and the tenacity displayed by the kids! The masks that the kids wore every hour, were the symbol of their strength and them embracing the new norm so gracefully.

3. We are motivated! 

We all miss working with kids in person and normal interactions. Like our kids, we are ready to be together and work together. This means we are motivated and ready. Kids aren’t holding back and are ready to accept the new format and dive into newer ways of learning. During the summer camps, we saw them laughing, smiling, and supporting each other even though some had never met. As such, Our sole emphasis is to emphasize and recreate a highly interactive, social learning experience, the lynchpin of the Kidizens learning model. 

4. Planning and preparation are all the more important! 

It takes a lot more to run an online class in an engaged and exciting manner than most think. There are no exact replacements for every in-person activity but we’ve learned many important lessons to navigate the online space, including coming up with innovative frameworks and content and it’s kept us in the game. This process of adaptation and working hard to prepare during these uncertain times has left us with more ideas, information, and fun than ever! 


Transitioning to online has been hard at times, but it’s also brought forth many opportunities to rise to challenges, grow, and solve dynamic problems.