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Scarcity teaches important life lessons!


As a community, Kidizens brings together children from diverse backgrounds, which may have exposed the children to varied levels of scarcity in life. But, regardless, of how life has been for the past many years, it surely is changing now for most of us.

Irrespective of the backgrounds we come from, each and every one of us has experienced newfound scarcity amid these uncharted times. Many of our children are able to internalize this elusive concept amid empty store shelves, lack of toilet paper and no instant gratification of any sort!

Well we thought, given what we’re doing at Kidizens to prepare for this summer given the current situation, why not leverage the lynchpin of our paradigm of learning – the economic framework that often emphasizes the scarcity of the economic resources and amplifies the need for our children to think, allocate wisely and plan forward with the longer-term favorable outcome they desire.

We’re sure that our Young Mayors will love to take on another responsibility this summer – how to deal with scarcity. They may not have countless LEGOs but will have to work with, instead, a rather limited set of (sanitized) LEGOs that will be available only to them individually for their exclusive usage every day). They will plan forward and learn to be even more creative, while addressing other fun challenges during the course of their day at the Young Mayors camp. Alternatively, if they decide to join us in the Best Virtual Summer Camps 2020, they will learn to tinker and use whatever resources are available to them. We’re planning exciting economic discoveries that will teach them how to innovate, plan forward and develop a rare sense of confidence after having overcome it all.