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When our Young Mayors are faced with threats to safety, health, and happiness, CIVIC DUTY is really important.

At Kidizens, we believe that civic awareness and responsibility make a huge different to real outcomes in the world. That’s why we organize Best summer Camps in the Bay area 2020 , Our aim to inculcate this sense in kids at an early stage in their social and emotional development.

In these challenging times, it’s often useful and rational to collectively react, even if the an individual reaction is not congruent with the personal risk involved. Many people would say that worrying is pointless and a waste of time and energy. Worries can be disproportionate to the actual problems, but when something approaching is systemic it makes sense to collectively react.

Whether it’s voting for the right decisions in their city, or helping to build relief centers to resolve city emergencies, our young mayors have to deal with many tough situations. As a result, young mayors learn about hard work, creative engagement, and the confidence to do their part for the social good. Please follow these steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 if you are sick.


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