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Daddy thinks the earth is flat.

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When our Young Mayors are faced with tough decisions, alternative facts, and multiple viewpoints, THEORY OF MIND is really important.

How would your child have resolved a problem if they were a superhero without superpowers? When we ask children to role play as mayors of their own dream LEGO city, In our Best Online Summer camps, we are developing ‘theory of mind’. Theory of mind is the foundation of social and emotional intelligence, which enables good decision making. What if as parents, from ages four or five, we start allowing our children to make controlled decisions? As a result of that empowerment, children really start to understand the consequences of each of their decisions, which helps them learn experientially. This is enormous for a young child, especially one that is used to their parents making their decisions for them.

Group decision making in a social, collaborative environment gives a boost to social / emotional skills and develops emotional resilience. When a child listens to five other children’s opinions in a group city council setting, and takes into account those opinions into their own presentations, they are learning to create a map of what someone else is thinking, as apart from their own thoughts, which is a critical skill to thrive as a global citizen!